Servicing Logan City, Brisbane Southside suburbs and the Qld area, Tree Lopping Logan CO is family-owned locally owned tree removal, tree lopping and tree care business whose reputation and quality of tree services has grown over the years. Working closely with our reliable partners, our brand is synonymous with professional Tree Service from, Tree Removal, Arborist Reports and General Tree care services not only to homeowners but also to businesses and property developers alike.

To remove any stress from our clients, our lopping and removal tree experts are fully insured. As the recommended tree loppers Beenleigh and tree removals Logan City company, we take all the risk in every tree job. All that you are to do is await the final result of our removal solutions. To schedule an appointment with our friendly arborist team, give us a call today. You will receive a free quote.

Servicing Jimboomba, Yeerongpilly, Jimboomba, Springfield, Red Hill, Logan Central, Woodridge, Kingston, Berrinba, Loganlea and wider Logan and Beenleigh area.



We have a wide range of solutions offered throughout Logan City Council and Brisbane Southside areas. Our tree services abiding the Tree Removal Logan City Council regulations.

Felling of a tree at 2 a.m. in the morning? Or a tree that’s blocking the access road into the neighborhood? These are just some of the various scenarios that our professional great team of lopping tree experts has handled over the years and possibly will handle in the days to come. Servicing the suburbs of Logan, Beenleigh, Jimboomba and Brisbane Southside, our company is the tree business offering quick, reliable, and guaranteed tree care services at a friendly and affordable price.

There is a reason why we are a tree services business called out in case of any tree storm damage emergency in the Queensland area. From our years in the business, we know how anxious our customers typically are when they make that phone call or hear the latest news of an oncoming storm when they have problem trees. They are urgently needed of a quick work; to have that great palm tree branches removed from the adjacent electrical wiring. As a professional lopping tree removal Logan business, we always have a family owned and operated team of our experienced arborists geared and ready to head out to you all at a competitive price

When that time comes, remove both the stress and the dead tree from your residential or commercial property we are your best choice. Contact the fully insured and best-qualified team in the South East Queensland area, Tree Lopping Logan Co for an excellent job each and every time.

While taking a walk around your property or even in the neighborhood, you can’t deny the visual appeal and the significant role that trees play in the area. Not only do trees add to the aesthetics of the home, but they also add to the property value as well as provide shaded pathways and spots for your family and friends. But sometimes, these same trees that we hold in such high regard may have a detrimental effect on us. Mother Nature has gifted trees with a characteristic of growing in a completely haphazard manner, leading them to grow in ways that may damage your home or other public property. When such a scenario arises, you need to call upon a tree removal services expert for a safe and efficient complete service from start to finish.

At Tree Lopping Logan Co, we recommend choosing a qualified arborist for any tree removal service. Such kind of tree service with a large tree involves high branches, possible entanglement with power lines, or the interference of tree roots with public sewerage lines. Thus said, you might need special gear and equipment to properly handle such a job. We offer a thorough and excellent complete service. Contact us today via phone or email and receive a free quote.

When you consider, tree lopping, tree care, tree trimming, and maintenance procedures, tree pruning is the chief method that can be affected by a professional arborist. Tree pruning seeks to meet a number of objectives when it comes to tree care. Pruning tree branches and buds allow you to tackle the issue of tree growth and also curb future damage to neighboring features on your property.

When you choose our tree lopping, tree pruning, tree removals, and tree care services for a small or large trees, our professional team of experts will seek to identify diseased and weak branches in your garden. Pruning tree branches also seeks to save trees from the spread of diseases and pests. This serves as a better and cheaper alternative to a tree Removal  service or Logan City tree. It also preserves your trees.

If in need of such tree solutions for your backyard or business, call us today and get a free quote. The care of your trees and your satisfaction is our priority for every job. We are the team in tree lopping and tree pruning Logan residents have trusted for over 25 years.

Felling of trees in large areas or even a few palm trees on a residential lot in the Qld leaves one significant issue for the proprietor to handle. It usually appears in the form of stumps.

For a small residential space, we recommend stump grinding Logan work. Our great team of Tree Loppers and Arborists can apply their decorative skills to give your stump an appealing look. For large areas intended for industrial or a massive infrastructural job, you need the right arborists for the job. Such spaces require a bare surface to work with and that’s why we recommend stump grinding or complete stump removal.

For a comprehensive prompt service here in Logan South East Queensland that leaves your site with a clean look, we recommend choosing only the best for such work. Call upon us today, the family owned and operated tree removal Logan company and receive quotes from our Tree Lopper Team. 


Our Qualified and Licensed Team of Tree Lopper Arborists

At Tree Lopping Logan CO, we only have qualified, licensed and experienced tree loppers in our service. Our reputation throughout the community is hinged on the unparalleled, every time quality guarantee workmanship, deep understanding and knowledge of trees and customer satisfaction that they offer in every job.


As the leading south east Queensland lopping company, we never compromise when it comes to safety and ensure we do a professional job each and every time. Simply put, it's our priority when we come to any work site. We ensure to adhere to the highest safety standards while also ensuring our crew wear the proper protective wear and gear. In case of any injury, we have proper, comprehensive insurance in place to protect our team members.

Fast and Reliable Emergency Tree Call Outs

Our beautiful all year round sub-tropical climate can be interrupted by frequent and rather strong storms. These storms wreak havoc and damage to weak branches and dead trees in the middle of the night. And who do you call at the wee hours of the morning? Tree Lopping Logan CO, of course! Our team is ready to head out within no time for free quotes any where in Logan or the South Brisbane area.

Our Cost

All our tree solutions and are charged at competitive market pricing rates, regardless of the form, size or location of the job. This guarantees that our clients throughout the local Logan area, whether residential, commercial or from the hospitality industry, can have access to our best possible service.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Every tree removal, stump removal, tree lopping or pruning job that we offer is backed by our every time guarantee that we have in the quality of our services all within local councils guidelines at a reasonable price. With great workmanship and attention to details, we customize our projects to meet your criteria. The client is always paramount and we put your interests first. Every advice and work offered will bring a smile to your face when we do a great job at a great price.


Your search for an experienced arborist tree services team in the Logan area and surrounds has come to an end. Felling a great tree in the Queensland area has never been looked forward to until now! Friendly arborist team, free and non-obligation quotes, sound workmanship. All this and more at an affordable price!

With unparalleled quality for several years, look towards the number one tree pruning, tree removal, tree felling, and stump grinding company or if you need a tree removed in the tree industry, Tree Lopping Logan Co. With the experience of offering quality tree work to hundreds of homes and commercial spaces within the area, you can be assured of a quality experience that will meet all your requirements and ensure we do an awesome job.

And don’t even think about handling that tree removal or lopping activity on your own. As experienced tree loppers, we can’t emphasize the risk that tree cutting carries. All it takes is one wrong cut and we will have you being rushed to the hospital. Don’t endanger your life. Call upon the professionals taking the risk like can do for you.  We have the proper gear and wear as well as the experience to avoid such a scenario.

Contact us today, Tree Lopping Logan CO, and get a free quote from our professional tree cutting team. If you are inquiring on any of our services, you will get a complete debrief. And did we mention that our work is charged at competitive market prices? Our services are more than affordable across many budgets. We offer tree pruning and removal services in Jimboomba, Yeerongpilly, Jimboomba, Springfield, Red Hill, Logan Central, Woodridge, Kingston, Berrinba, Loganlea and Logan and Brisbane Southside wide

For information regarding protected vegetation in the Logan area please check the City of Logan Website 


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