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Your trees’ branches might be making life difficult for you and your family. Clearing them might be your #1 mission now. But even as the property owner, there are some limitations that restrict you from cutting down the tree. To educate proprietors and businesses in Logan, the specialists from Tree Lopping Logan have put together this detailed article.

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A native habitat tree can be defined as a tree that is indigenous to Australia. The definition holds whether the tree is alive or dead. Other aspects of the definition include that the tree is 1.3 metres above ground level and has a 220cm trunk circumference.

Other important definitions include:

  • Native vegetation: this includes grass, shrub, or bush that is indigenous to Australia.

  • Primary vegetation management area: This is a section on the biodiversity areas overlay map in which all native vegetation is protected.

  • Secondary vegetation management area: This is a section on the biodiversity areas overlay map in which all native habitat trees are protected.

Check out if your property has protected vegetation through the Logan PD Hub.

Protected Vegetation by Logan city council

The dead branches of trees on your property might signify the need for tree removal or tree trimming service. However, before you start bringing out your equipment and tools, you need to know whether the particular tree is protected by the Logan local council.

Protected vegetation is mapped out in the city’s vegetation area map. If you are able to obtain a copy, you will see that protected native vegetation is marked in pink and light green. If your property is highlighted within the area, chances are high that you need a permit from the council before undertaking any clearing, removal, or trimming.

You should be aware of the protected trees in the area. They include the Giant Ironwood, Macadamia Nut, Floyd’s Walnut, Bailey’s Cypress Pine, Hairy Hazelwood, Long Leaved Tuckaroo, and Small Leaved Tamarind.

Do you know how to identify any of the tree species listed above? That’s where the expertise of a professional tree care company comes into play. The experienced team from Tree Lopping Logan is ready and willing to offer its expertise.

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What is the process for removing protected vegetation or trees?

The first step is to determine if the tree you want to bring down is included in the Vegetation Protection order. You can either choose to make your way down to the council or place a call and make an inquiry.

If the tree or remnant vegetation on your property is protected by the Logan city council, you will have to make an application to the council for its removal. You will also need appropriate documents and plans from local law agencies and authorities should you want to build or develop the land further. After perusal of the documents provided, you will receive approval for clearing of the native vegetation (including certain types of grass) or removal of the tree.

You will need to contact a licensed and reputable arborist for the removal of the trees. The exercise, even when it seems simple enough, has the possibility of harm to your life, your loved ones, or your property. Curb any emerging issues by relying on reliable experts from Tree Lopping Logan.

You might have the urge to circumvent local law and undertake the clearing of the trees on our property without any approval. We would recommend against that. You may find yourself paying hefty fines and penalties. Some property owners in Logan and Australia have found themselves in a court of law.

Contact us today for a complete and thorough interpretation of the Logan City local council laws. Whether for tree removal, clearing, or trimming, our expertise will come in handy.


There are exemptions from the rules and provisions given above. They are listed below:

For clearing of a parcel smaller than 5000 square metres.

If your property is not mapped on the Vegetation management act 1999 remnant as part of the endangered regional ecosystem and is less than 5000 square metres, you can clear the trees without approval. Also, ensure that the property is not in a rural zone, environmental management and conservation zone, rural residential zone, a Koala corridor identified on a biodiversity areas overlay map, or an emerging community zone.

Clearing for approved development, or services

If the clearing of the trees is as per an infrastructural agreement or the maintenance of utility services, you don't need to have approval. This is provided that the clearing is limited to a certain width.

Fire Hazard reduction

Without going into the technicality provided by the Logan city council, native vegetation can be removed to control the outbreak of a fire in an area.

Control of problem species

Should native vegetation need to be controlled or as part of a maintenance program approved by the Logan City council, there shall be no need for approval.

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As a property owner, you are concerned with how your garden looks and the overall first impression. And while you have every right to remove a possibly dead tree from your land, it might be a native tree protected by the Logan City Council or State legislation. How do you proceed?

Contact Tree Lopping Logan today. We have the experience and expertise to help you get the needed approval and permit to remove unwanted vegetation and trees from your property.


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