Places To Visit In Marsden, QLD

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Queensland has picturesque and astonishing traits. It is a perfect destination for family, couples, or groups who want to enjoy such a wonderful holiday. When you come to Marsden Queensland, you will find out that there are a lot of things to enjoy there. Save your time for searching by yourself and see our recommendations below.


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It is the biggest recreational park in Australia. When you come to Marsden, you’ll know that you’ve made the right decision. This park hosts the themed areas which you and your group can enjoy. It offers various attractions from Vintage supercars, TV characters to thrilling rides. If you tag along your kids to this park, they will be happy too.

Queen Street Mall

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Queen Street mall

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop around the Queen Street Mall. It offers the visitors modern shops and boutiques which the collections are immersive. The moment you arrive at the location, you will be wowed with the 19th and 20th century building facades.

Roma Street Parkland

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Roma Street Parkland

Roma Street Parkland is a perfect destination if you are looking for something romantic in your holiday. it showcases the fountain, skyline, as well as the other beauties. It takes away from the hectic city. The moment you enter the park, you will enjoy the calmness and soothing aspects of the place. Its core attractions are the water features, green lawns, flowers, plant life, as well as public art.

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

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Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium

If you are fond of astronomical recreation, you must visit Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium. It is popular because of its observatory and interior views. In the recreational spot, take a chance to enjoy the star projector, artifacts from space, as well as the observatory. Consider checking on the admission and operational hours before arriving.

South Bank Parklands

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South Bank Parklands

This land offers coastal recreations to all kinds of travellers. While the coastal views are the most noticeable aspects from this place, you can easily enjoy the attractions as well. You and your group can take your time to enjoy the place to the max with the gourmet gelato as the wrappers of the day.

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

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Brisbane Botanic Gardens

The botanic gardens can be the best way to refresh your mind. Its garden and pond are just the starter. To explore more, you will find the rainforest, lagoons, waterfalls, as well as majestic creatures such as water dragons, eel, turtles, and more. The guided tour in this place will give you a chance to see the best of Marsden with your travel group.

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