Attractions and Landmarks in Loganholme, QLD

For many people, visiting Loganholme can be a good opportunity to enjoy the valuable time together with family and relatives. Explore the Loganholme area and you will see a lot of things to enjoy with your entourage. There are numerous things to do and places to visit in Loganholme Queensland. Consider these places when you have a plan.

Alexander Clark Park Loganholme

Photo Courtesy of: Deborah Crompton

Alexander Clark Park

This is an awesome wide park with a lot of great amenities.  You could enjoy the off-leash area, have fun in the walking tracks, roam around the open playing fields, and have a safe car parking area.

Have a lovely view of the river near a small jetty and pontoon where you could tie up your boat as well. 

Hyperdome Shopping Centre

Photo Courtesy of: Makaya Denge Frank

Hyperdome Shopping Centre

It is a great place to shop and spend time with. There is pretty much everything you might need and no annoying parking limit unlike some similar size shopping centers further north. The layout is clear and intuitive, easy to find your way around. There are several little playgrounds around the place and flowers add to the welcome feeling. The market section has a good selection of local produce, definitely worth visiting.

Wellwood Health

Photo Courtesy of: Wellwood Health

Wellwood Health

When you want a pregnancy relaxation massage the facilities were clean and nicely presented. You will find this place to be one of the best massages you could ever have. Customer service is superb.

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