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There are several things to see and do in Logan City, QLD, a small local government area south of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia. This southern suburb is nestled between the Gold Coast and the City of Brisbane. The city is surrounded by the Scenic Rim region and the Redland City LGA. It’s also a great destination for those looking for a weekend break or a holiday home.

The city of Logan is named according to Captain Patrick Logan whose name is also used on the River Logan, Logan Reserve, Loganlea, and Loganholme. The city is bordered by the southern boundary of the Brisbane City Council area. The city of Logan was formed in 1979 by severances from Albert and Beaudesert Shires. The city has an area of 229 km square and stretches from the west, Ipswich, to Mount Cotton in the east. The distance is around 40km.

Before urbanization occurred, the city of Logan consisted only of small villages. Some of the small villages are Daisy Hill, Woodridge, Slacks Creek, and Carbrook. After that, settlements and modernity began to be built. Examples of modernity in Logan City are Logan Motorway, Pacific Motorway, department stores, biscuits, and Griffith University Campus in 1998. Shortly thereafter, Logan City was enlarged to 913km square by absorbing the northern urban part of Beaudesert Shire and part of the Gold Coast city north of the River Albert.

Most people generally know the City of Logan as an ordinary city. Some people even consider Logan City as the only M1 solution. If they want to turn a little off the road and explore the city of Logan they will find many interesting things that cannot be missed. Many cool places can be found in Logan City.

Springwood Conservation Park

Photo Courtesy of: John Stephens

Springwood Conservation Park

This place was originally a former mining site and was rescued by the community and the Logan City Council. As a result, this area is now a paradise on the outskirts of the city decorated with caves, cliffs, and ravines. Within this area, you might be able to see sugar gliders, possums, koalas or marsh wallabies. During the wetter months, there are seasonal waterfalls that flow through the canyon. 

You can also see the beauty of wildflowers that are blooming in the spring. In this Springwood Conservation Park, you will find Stairs of Death. Although the designation is quite scary, the death ladder referred to here is a series of steep stairs that must be traversed if you choose a longer path. At the top of the stairs, there is an open eucalyptus forest and continues into rock formations along the road. You will also cross ravines and wooden bridges.

Global Food Markets

Photo Courtesy of: Stephen Paice

The Global Food Markets

As the name implies, this place is a multi-cultural food bazaar. This market is a very crowded place in Logan Central. If you go there on Sunday morning, you will see a local crowd full of visitors from various countries. Whether it’s from Asia, Africa, and even India. These visitors get off at Croydon Road and bargain for the items they choose. 

There are the best fruits and vegetables that can be obtained at the lowest price if you are good at bargaining. There are also typical Southeast Asian street food and more. In this market, visitors can also find products that are difficult to find in other places, such as coconut, kidney beans, okra, Asian eggplants, sweet potatoes, purple sugar cane, durian, plantains, and Asian spices. The best products are sourced from local market gardeners or regional backyards. Once satisfied shopping, you can pamper your stomach and fill your stamina by visiting the typical street food aisles of Southeast Asia. In this section, visitors can find street food typical of Cambodia, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries.

Nielsens Native Nursery

Photo Courtesy of: Suzanne Jager

Neilsen's Native Nursery and Marine Aquarium

Nielsen’s Nursery is a very suitable place for plant lovers. Here, visitors can shop for native Australian plants such as eucalypts, Leptospermum, Callistemon, banksias, and rainforest plants. Besides, there are also a variety of Australian plants that are included in the ranks of exotic plants, fruit trees, water plants, pots, garden sculptures, water features, beautiful aquariums, and cafes. The cafe has a beautiful view of the plants and ponds. The staff working at Nielsen are also knowledgeable and can answer your questions. The staff also promotes the use of native Australian plants in Southeast Queensland parks. The nursery car park is decorated with native plants so visitors can see what they look like when they grow.

Berrinba Wetlands

Photo Courtesy of: Miroslav S

Berrinba Wetlands

In the Berrinba Wetlands, visitors can enjoy strolling along more than eight kilometers of shared roads and meandering bicycle trails that cross 80 hectares of wetlands. This natural paradise offers many interesting places for picnics and has 100 bird nests, possums, and gliders. Children will be able to enjoy an interactive environmental education and can be directly accessed upon arrival. 

They will also be able to use the sophisticated play equipment. Berrinba Wetlands is a place that must be visited by nature lovers because it is designed to protect nature and the living things in it. Here also provided a car park, a place for BBQ together, and a meeting place. Berrinba is also a place to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views of the lake. Visitors can find many pelicans, geese, and ducks that live as if they are in their natural habitat.

Kingston Butter Factory

The oldest part of the city is Logan’s Kingston Butter Factory, and the museum is located inside the former factory. The museum features an ever-changing collection of artifacts, and the exhibits are continuously updated. The history of the region is told in the midst of a vibrant and colorful environment. If you’re looking for a family day out, a trip to this local attraction is the perfect option.

The Kingston Butter Factory is an 80-hectare oasis in Logan and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a treasure trove of historical artifacts and is one of the attractions of Logan. The museum’s exhibits are constantly updated, making it an invaluable part of South East Queensland’s cultural life. While the museum isn’t big, it is an excellent way to spend a weekend or a whole weekend in the city.

Queensland State Archives

Photo Courtesy of: Queensland State Archives

State Archives

A number of museums and historic sites are located in Logan, including the State Archives. The library is a vital part of the community and houses the Logan Village RSL. During the Second World War, Camp Cable was a military training camp. This is the reason why there are so many memorials in Logan. The school, however, is not a museum but a historic home. Visitors to the town can also visit the site of a local newspaper, which was published on 2 October 1914.

Logan Gardens

Photo Courtesy of: Logan Gardens

Logan Gardens

Spread over numerous hectares of landscaped parks in Logan Central, Logan Gardens is an eco-friendly sanctuary in the middle of suburb and is a suitable destination for households and weddings. Beautiful large periodontal trees use plenty of color for those wanting to outline a picnic rug and resolve in for the day. 

Beenleigh Railway Station

Beenleigh Railway Station

The old Beenleigh Railway Station is a great place to grab a coffee and a snack. While you’re there, you can also stop by the Tin Cup Cafe. This historic pub is located in the old Beenleigh Railway Station. It is open seven days a week and offers a view of the river. When you visit Logan, you’ll want to visit all the historic sites in the area, from the 1860s to the present.

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